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We have taken this amazing technology and adapted it to event installations. In one day, we can bring the system in, run it for the night, and take it away without leaving a trace.

Fast forward to the start of the dancing. The light tubes take off, projecting dazzling, colorful effects over the dance floor. Explosions of color, patterned movement that is synced flawlessly to the song that's playing, and wild dynamic shapes and visuals fly through every pixel of every tube. Your guests have never seen anything quite like this, and it adds an electric energy to the entire room. This normal event space has transformed into an ultra-modern night club and the dance floor stays packed all night.

Picture this,

Guests enter at the beginning of the night and see 80 light tubes suspended over the dance floor, glowing in your event decor color. They ooh and ahh and go to their seats. Within minutes, the tubes start slowly, subtly color-changing through the entire color spectrum . Vibrant reds, cool modern blues, warm ambers, bright purple. Guests take notice and start keeping an eye on this focal point.


We can also combine this system with our other lighting options, including:

• Color-changing room perimeter uplighting

• Laser star pattern effect lights in several colors

• Elegant pinspotting to illuminate centerpieces and other tabletop focal points

• Gobo projections of textures, patterns and color

• Custom monogram gobos displaying the honoree's name or couple's names, logo, event date, or graphic of your choice